Nokay lake The Place I Love !

My name is Doreen ( Johnson) Madison
Me and my family went to Nokay lake to a resort owned by Bob and Dory Greenhow the resort was know as Greenhow's point. We went there from the 1960 's until the Greenhow's  sold there cabins. My Parent's Harry and Carol Johnson bought one of the cabins  where Me, my sisters and our families enjoyed fishing, boating and swimmimg, did I mention fishing, yes I did, which I love fishing . My mom passed away in 2000 and my Dad passed away 2006 we sold the cabin in 2007 we have a  lot of very nice memories of all the friends and people we meet up there over the last  40 years . Me and my husband Jim own to sporting good stores one in northern Illinois we opened in 1989 and one in northern Missouri we opened in 2006. I have been very busy going back and fourth from the two stores. We own 140 acres of property in Missouri where I can go fishing, hiking  and hunting. Once a month starting  first saturday in May we have a Gun sale/Flea market at our Missouri store we call it Hartford Days we have alot of people that come to this and sell a lot of stuff, the last sale is in October ( we have no sales in July ). This web site is for stuff I have for sale and the only reason i picked the name Nokay Lake is because i love the lake.
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